The Scream

Scream  – verb

to cry or say something loudly and usually on a high note, especially because of strong emotions such as fear, excitement, or anger

The wind is howling

Whistling furiously through all it came in contact with


I join in

Open my mouth as wide as it can go

The scream leaving my body

Whipped away by the wind

There is no one for miles

Does the scream carry?

Take a deep breath

And scream again

Louder this time

All emotions swept away like dust in a sand storm

The gulls above

Also have their say and join in the chorus

But all sound is swallowed up

No one can hear

Take a deep breath

And scream again

Till no breath left

The placid sheep stand by

Not even raising their heads

Maybe they have heard it all before

Peacefully munching on the new spring sweet grass

Oblivious to the tearing emotions surrounding them


Wound up like a spring

But as the next breath is taken in

The spring uncoils

Tension disappears

Scream turns to a laugh

Laughing at myself

Standing screaming into the wind

So good for the soul

I turn

Thank the wind for its patience

And allowing me in.

Picture – Adobe stock

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