It’s just a frog in my throat….!

The curtain tweakers of the world are having a field day, but saying that I am equally guilty.  If I hear someone coughing I immediately turn to look where it is coming from.

Since the hotel reopened in July, the response had been unprecedented with a record amount of people coming through the doors, all in search of some relief from this mind numbing uncertainty.  The first wave of guests were people just so grateful to experience some semblance of normality, albeit service in muffled tones with the mandatory ruling of mask wearing, no background music to ensure no one needs to talk louder than necessary as “they” say this will spread the invisible enemy.  Visitors are now getting a little more demanding, or maybe it is just that we are all getting exhausted by the seemingly never ending flow of customers, the never ending cleaning, the never ending hand sanitising  – but a good problem to have after 5 months of closure in the bigger scheme of things.

It is becoming a dog eat dog world out there. The media, politicians and “they” are putting the fear of eternal damnation on us.   Yesterday I was the brunt of a rolling of the eyes and attitude (from a South African nogal !) when trying to explain to some guests that even though they might all be travelling together in a large group, they would have to be seated on separate tables as the guidelines here in Scotland are no groups bigger than 6 and then only from 2 households. There are the nay-sayers and anti-maskers out there, and who knows maybe they have a point – is it just the flu?  But with the real threat of this new second wave threatening the hospitality industry once again – if you listen to the news, I personally would rather err on the side of caution.  I would rather be rushed off my feet and falling dead into bed each night, than be put back into a lockdown. And if that means wearing a claustrophobic mask (you can get some really funky ones) then so be it.

The thanks and appreciation being given by 99% of our patrons is heart-warming and it feels good to be able to give people a little hope that it is not all doom and gloom out there, though the fear out there is very real, but it is just a frog in my throat, I am not carrying the plague.