Our feet are the gateway to our souls

If you ever make the trip down to the hidden little gem on the Wild Coast, Morgan Bay, then a visit to Mudhutters is essential. Here you are met by Chris, who exudes a spiritual aura as he leads you into the welcoming atmosphere of his and Linda’s tranquil, peaceful space that they call home. There is a hint of gentle incense in the air and the rustling sound of wind blowing through the trees and bird song accompanied by a lulling melody of guitar strumming in the background.  It is in this little haven that Chris performs magic with his hands in what can only be described as the best foot massage this side of the equator.  But here I am going to correct myself and say on both sides of the equator. I have experienced more than my fair share of foot massages from young eastern girls, who are good, but are no competition to the experience in this little hideaway, which I know has brought many to tears.

In the stark medical world of foot therapy, where reflexology has been proven to connect the soles of our feet to the rest of our body and one can visit a specialist who can pinpoint problems just by examining our feet, it just seems obvious that our feet must also be linked to our senses – our emotions.

What gave me the idea of writing this blog, was running past the local Afrikaans Primary School one early morning when all the children were arriving – barefoot. And it all makes so much sense.  We live in a hot climate and why do the conventions still abound with the British way of dressing and having to wear closed shoes and socks to school every day as a child.  I truly wish I had been given the choice to go to school barefoot living in the oppressive heat of Durban. I agree that there are times when shoes are necessary, but when not, give a child the freedom to go barefoot without breaking any antiquated rules.

I met an amazing gentleman a few years back, who, out of choice, does not wear shoes – ever! Alright his feet were a bit like the hide of an elephant – but the freedom.  I also remember as a young girl growing up, I heard a comment passed by a man that the first thing he looks at on a date was her feet and that if her feet were well looked after, that meant the rest of her body was too.  (Strange how these little sound bites get stuck in our memories).

Our feet are important – not just to impress a possible suitor – they take us to where we want to go and they feel. From the ritual of firewalking – which tests a persons strength and courage – to kicking off those shoes and walking along the beach.

So my advice is – kick of those restrictive shoes, feel the soft pile of the carpet, or the springiness of freshly cut grass, let them wade through icy water or hobble across jaggered stones, let the mud ooze through your toes,  treat yourself to a well deserved foot massage, let your feet speak to you – to your soul!

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”  Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


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