2019 – the Year of the Pig

The Pig is the 12th of all the zodiac animals.  One tale has it that this is because he was the last to arrive at the party of the jade emperor, because he had overslept, with another tale that the wolf had destroyed his home and he had to rebuild it before heading off to join the other animals.

He might have been late for the party which I am quite glad I did not attend last night and celebrated the arrival of 2019 in my own way, with the only human sounds being the far off “woop woop” of weary revelers, determined to stay up and see the sunrise on the first day of the new year. A warm breeze blowing, and the crashing of the never-ending waves rolling in against the shore, with the twittering of the birds, oblivious of humans almost obsessive need to obscenely celebrate this annual occasion, welcoming in a new day.

The birds had survived the onslaught of the man-made display of fireworks of a few hours earlier, and together with them I got to experience the majesty of the daily sunrise, which in itself is a celebration.

I have to admit that rising this early had tested my resolve and will power.  Having closed myself off to the revelry of the night before, both through choice and circumstances, choosing to remain indoors with one traumatized cat, the night however was not a restful one. There was more than just one fleeting moment during the manic craziness of the night that my thoughts veered towards “I really dislike the human race”.  But bring on the year of the Pig, which in Chinese culture are a symbol of wealth – and wish everyone health, wealth and abundance of happiness.


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