Reflections on life and social media

I find running or jogging, or as what I seem to be doing lately is a lot of walking in the morning, is a wonderful time for reflection on life in general.

With my itchy feet sending me once more on my way in a few weeks I find myself asking “what is wrong with me?” “what am I searching for”.  I have no long term goal or it seems at the moment any short term one either and when asked my easy go to phrase is “I will just have to wait and see where the wind blows me next.”

With social media we all tend to put on our brave faces with amazing pictures and all the fun things we are doing and never show the doubts and hidden emotions under the surface, and “they” say that this is what is bad about it. How others will troll and compare their lives with your supposedly perfect one.  Yesterday whilst ambulating heavily through the soft beach sand on an attempted run and stopping to take the most spectacular pictures, not just to catch the most perfect picture but also as an excuse to catch my breath, and verbalising in my mind the caption for the pic, got me thinking.  This to me is my therapy.  The idea of getting the perfect shot or the perfect happy story to post on the social media platforms.  So what if the image you portray isn’t exactly what is going on in the depth of your soul, this is good therapy, you are out there trying to find the good to portray, it gets you out of your own head, looking for the good not the bad.

I watched a clip recently by Jason Silva, who I love, even though he can be a little off the wall at times – headed “Can we change our past” and in a nutshell he suggests we can.  We can change the narrative of what we have been subjected to in the past, thereby changing the effect it has on our future. We can change the story. It is quite a liberating concept.  And at the end of the say – it is our thoughts that define us, so….. I am going to see where the wind blows me next, turn off the noise of the critics of my chosen lifestyle, write my own story and continue to look for those spectacular kodak moments.


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