A swallow’s bond – a lesson we can learn

“True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings.”
― William Shakespeare

According to wikipedia, swallows will return to the same place each year to build their nests. Cliff swallows will build their mud nests in a colony, often seen under freeway bridges and the like, whereas barn swallows usually nest in single pairs.

So it is pair of barn swallows that had returned to our shared house in Morgan Bay to rebuild their nest under the eaves of the out buildings, flitting in and out every day with pellets of mud in their beaks to make their home.

Except one day instead of flitting out they both flew inside the house much to Harry, our resident boss of the house’s delight.  Harry is our cat.


All the windows were opened to encourage them to fly free and the one traumatized bird flew into the window stunning himself and became easy prey for Harry, who immediately pounced. Luckily not harming him and I managed to free him and set him loose to the free world.


The second bird flew round and round, despite all efforts on my (and Harry’s) part to get him to fly lower out the window. After much stubbing of toes and bruising of shins (and maybe a bit of cursing), about an hour later – we succeeded. But that is not where it ends.
As he swooped out the open window to land on the nearby fence, he was immediately joined by his partner who had been waiting anxiously for his mate. This to me is a lesson we as humans can learn and a aspire to emulate. Don’t ever give up, even when life seems as hard as it can ever get, when it look like it is pointless to carry on. Persevere , persevere, persevere and when the chips are down – always be there for your friends.


But again this is not where the story ends, the same day, the outbuildings were being cleaned up and the diligent workers washed down the entire building with a hosepipe and washed the beautifully crafted mud nest away down the drain of muddy water. But the stars of this tale, came straight back and are seen once again flitting in and out rebuilding their home.
So in life we should aim to be like a swallow, with bonds that can’t be broken and a tenacity to win against all adversity.

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