Searching for a new normal

What is normal – to each and everyone of us I would imagine we consider our lives the norm – but what is that?

Talking from my own perspective of my life.                                                                     Normal was going to school, studying, getting a job, getting married, having children (okay in my case maybe that last two did not go in the order socially accepted), living happily ever after in the proverbial white picket fenced home.


Adjective –  Conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected

Noun – The usual, typical, or expected state or condition

But then life happens, and boy has it thrown me a few curved balls, some through my own making and others which have totally side swiped me.

My old normal was working a 5 day week for someone else, 9 – 5, weekends doing the “normal” society expected things, and counting the days to holidays when the norm was not the norm, but at the end of the holiday, looking forward to getting back to “normality”. And I was content.

But with the curved balls, life performed a 180 degree turn with me doing back flips in the middle and I found myself adrift where the “norm” was no longer.  There are times when I yearn for that daily predictability and my “old” life and that feeling of contentment.  Not that I am not content now, just seem to be searching for a feeling of normality.

Been sitting discussing life expectations with others – I understand that as individuals we all crave a different normality.  I just seem to be finding it hard to find a new normality.  Maybe normality can also be called routine and as humans we are all creatures of habit.  At times when life is on a roller coaster ride, routine can be a life saver where you continue living by rote, without even thinking


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So what is my new normal – I don’t have one, as I wrote in my previous blog I suffer from the affliction of seriously itchy feet, my mind keeps going off on tangents where a new normality is imagined and I am living in a kind of unpredictable manner.  I  have realized that I have chosen the path of unpredictability and need to accept that this is my new norm. One thing that has been highlighted in this colourful life I have led, never take anything for granted and live life to its fullest.

So from one “normal” person to another “There is no normal norm, we are all individuals, we all have our own demons to fight, make the most of every moment we have and enjoy your own normality.”

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