If your feet itch – scratch them

And by this I am not referring to the dreaded athletes foot, which I have to say (touch wood), that despite being involved in sports for many years and showering in some dubious spaces and never wearing slops to protect my feet, I have never experienced.

I am referring to the itch to travel, which in itself is a bit of a disease, because once that bug has bitten I think it is incurable and the only relief is to scratch.

To ease my current affliction I will be exploring this area of the Eastern Cape as much as I possibly can, in my newly acquired little red bug, my Fiat 500, which I have fallen in love with.  If I am going to be exploring, it is only right that she gets to join me. She (as yet, still unnamed) deserves it, as just climbing into the snug red drivers seat, puts me in a good mood.

My plan is to make her the most well traveled Fiat 500 ever.

The idea of a road trip around our beautiful country has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. You know the one which I know a lot of people think of doing, just climbing in your car and keep driving and seeing where you end up – no plans.

I will however need to plan, because in this never ending itch that I seem to have been afflicted with and the need for a goal/challenge/adventure – call it what you may – ultimately I would like to drive to the most northern-most tip of our continent, not just our country.  This is a dream and in my mind I find myself romanticizing about it, but realistically know that a lot of forward planning would be required and understand the hazards of a single woman taking on this venture. I also know that in order for a dream to come true, you need to verbalize it and that the only thing stopping us from realizing our dreams is fear and fear alone.  I am strong believer in the phrase – “If you can dream it you can do it”.  And my own life motto I live by – “If you are going to do something, do it properly, or don’t do it at all” So right now it is off to the planning drawing board.

But for now, while the planning process takes shape, I am content to explore my immediate surrounds in the bug and experience what this little corner of our country has to offer.

Picture 1 of the travelling Fiat – taking it easy at the Nahoon Golf Driving range in East London.

fiat 1

Hope you will all enjoy this journey with me whilst I scratch my feet !

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