Observing …. judging ….

…. comparing and measuring – AKA – people watching!

Yes we all do it – people watching is a past time of many. I was going to make this as a statement for solo journeyers through life, but as a people watcher, know that this happens in couples and groups equally so.

I try and pride myself that I don’t judge, but know that this isn’t true, as although we may not verbalize our thoughts about the people we are watching, maybe I should use observing, as the word watching sounds a bit creepy when used too often, we all have that inner voice passing judgement. We watch, we judge, we compare and we measure!

I caught myself out this past weekend whilst at a local music festival. Standing up close to the stage to be able to see the performers better, breathing in the atmosphere and the marijuana infused air, a group of youngsters standing in front of me caught my eye. Two young girls in the requisite shorter than short shorts, with two young boys (in my eyes they were boys, though I think they thought themselves as young men). The girls were soaking up the music and dancing to the beat, whilst the two boys had their phones out and were trying to surreptitiously video their young female counterparts behinds moving to the music, laughing and whispering to each other about each little jiggle. Then on spotting a peer in the crowd, dressed in a manner that does not fit the norm of the sheep driven mentality of what is accepted, they tap each other on the shoulder, point out the culprit and have a good laugh with derogatory remarks.

Now just by me observing this and now verbalizing what was going through my mind,  I am judging, because who am I to judge their behavior and think “you little ‘shits’, who are you to judge others on being different” – so all in all a catch 22 situation.

I would like one person, just one person, to be able to put up their hand and say they have never turned to a friend and made a judgmental remark about someone else in a crowd or just passing by.

So the challenge I am giving myself, is to be able to watch (or observe), which is one of my favourite past times as a solo journeyer of this earth, and not have any judgmental thoughts go through my mind, because at the end of the day, we are all human, have our own idiosyncrasies and insecurities and want to be accepted for who we are.

So, beware we are all being watched ………..but then again, so what, if we give someone something to talk about, so be it.


Photo courtesy – Siliconangle

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