I just ate the frog!

And he was quite an ugly one and one that had been sitting on the side of my pond for quite a while – and wow it feels good.


Photo courtesy – National Geographic

Why do we procrastinate, put our heads in the sand, vacillate in making decisions.  Although I have to admit that maybe sometimes I should have vacillated before making some decisions instead of being impetuous and going head long into life, but then I wouldn’t have had the most amazing experiences that I have had, met the people that I have and seen so much (and still so much more to see) of this beautiful world of ours, frogs and all.

Why do we procrastinate

  1. the action of delaying or postponing something.
    “your first tip is to avoid procrastination”
    synonyms: dithering, delaying tactics,  dilatoriness, stalling, temporizing,  hesitationvacillation

Is it fear, laziness, lack of self confidence?  Our minds are amazingly clever in making excuses for getting out of doing things we would rather not do, but to our own detriment. But it is also quite sneaky in getting us out of things we want to do. For example….. I love my runs in the morning. Climbing into bed at night, setting the alarm, anticipating the awesome feeling of waking up with the sparrows, getting out onto the road, before the world awakens and seeing the sun rise, your feet falling softly on the tarmac, all in all the best way to start the day, ask me, I know.  Then, waking to the alarm and this sneaky mind will then make very excuse to not get up, its cold, its raining, its dark, its dangerous, my throat as a slight scratch, I have a headache, I didn’t sleep well, I will run later – etc. etc. Why??? Because you know that once you are up and out on the road it is the best feeling in the world.  Our minds sabotage us.

So if our minds sabotage us out of doing something that we really enjoy, imagine how hard we have to work to get away from the sabotage and negative self talk when we have to face something we would really rather not.  I am sure there there are specialists out there who analyse our psyche, and would have a field day if they could get into my mind, but still cannot explain why we sabotage ourselves.

When I kick the sabotage to the curb in then mornings it feels good, so the feeling I have right now for eating the big fat ugly frog that has been sitting on my shoulder for a while is almost euphoric, a huge weight off my shoulders, decisions made and mojo returning in leaps and bounds.

So on this glorious early autumn day in Johannesburg I urge one and all, be impetuous, live life with no regrets, don’t procrastinate and when needed eat that frog, it actually tastes good.


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