Vets, hairdressers and beauticians

This is written with no disrespect to any of the professions above as I personally can not do without any of them, but ………….

Last week I had to take my little rescue kitten back to the vet for his vaccinations.  This is after taking him there just 2 weeks prior, but, because he didn’t weigh enough, could not get vaccinated.  Now 2 weeks later he has doubled in weight and looking incredibly healthy and lively after being almost on deaths door.

vetsAll is good, until I hear that dreaded question!

What brand of food are you feeding him? Arggghhh!!!!! I am feeding him the best food that I can afford to feed him. Now I know that your suppliers be they Royal Canine, Hills or whatever will give you benefits for promoting their products, but the look I get given when I state my budget only allows for Pampers, or Whiskas or heaven forbid – no name brand pet food – makes me feel like a naughty school child who has been sent to the principals office.  I am doing my best for my pets, and do not want to feel judged every time I take them for their necessary check ups, which can also break the bank.  Am I normal for feeling this guilt, as I would dearly love to be able to give them the best? This is what society does to us.

The question from your hairdresser, “Hmmmmm, what shampoo are you using, your hair is very ……….. (insert any word that may apply to you), you should really be using ….. shampoo/conditioner” !!!!!!! With the head held to the side!

Ditto the beautician “Hmmm, what moisturizer are you using, your skin is very ………”

Again I understand that there are kick backs for promoting various products, but each vet/hairdresser/beautician will expound the virtues of their products and anything else that may have been recommended to you is wrong.  I usually field these questions with a muttered jumble of words, trying to throw in well known high end brands and duck out the salon as gracefully as possible.

And then go home and stick with the Pampers, Vaseline and Colgate until the next run of the gauntlet.

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