Peter Rabbit’s allergy

Yes, allergies are a serious matter, especially the life threatening ones.

But – the outcry and furor surrounding the scene in the most delightful movie Peter Rabbit, demanding an apology from the film makers for being so insensitive to the dangers and making light of allergy sufferers, seems a little off beat.  A charity group “Kids with Food Allergies” have started a movement #boycottpeterrabbit, as they say this lighthearted movie is harmful to their community and encourages the public not to take the risk of allergy sufferers seriously.

The filmmakers have bowed to public pressure and have written a letter of apology.

My take on this – instead of focusing on all the negatives and demanding apologies, why not see it as a way for children (and adults) to be made aware of the dangers, educate them as to how they can help someone that is experiencing a reaction to their allergy.  Use this movie as a positive platform. It is a family movie about the trials and tribulations of a talking rabbit and his friends who face daily hardships just as we humans do.  So instead of making a mountain out of a molehill, thank Peter Rabbit for showing the way.



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