“I will have one slice of toast, no butter with 2 Tblsp of grated cheese on top, please”

These are the words I heard this morning whilst waiting for my own breakfast of smashed avo and a poached egg on a couple of slices of whole wheat toast with some really good filter coffee.  I cannot, and made a conscious decision not to, judge the lady ordering this, as this is her preference, but it just got me thinking.

With this life we live, so full of negativity and a simmering under current to everything we do, why deprive yourself to such a degree.  The old cliche “life is too short” always springs to mind and I am loathe to slip back to this old adage, but have to say this simple sentence jolted me out of rut I have found myself slipping into.  We get so caught up with the conventions and responsibilities of everyday life and become blinkered to the endless possibilities waiting for us to discover.

This simple request made me realise that yes, I have had a few curved balls thrown my way lately, major car problems and a family member who is needing to step away from the normal accepted conventionality of life and take a different path, whose path I am wholeheartedly supporting, despite criticism from those who are scared to step outside of the box themselves, to name just two, that yes, life is too short.

Four years ago when my life felt like it had fallen apart and me with it, it took the death of a young friend to jolt me out of my inward introspection, to stop feeling sorry for myself and get out there and embrace life and this amazing world we live in.

So I thank they lady who ordered the plain toast with grated cheese on top for her breakfast this morning, it has opened my eyes again to what I want to do with this life of mine, given me motivation to get up and do something about it and not get lost in the spiderweb of entrapments of everyday life.

This is the peregrinating granny signing out for today ……. but I am back !

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