Not a big boxing fan

I have to admit to not understanding all the hype surrounding “The Fight”.  I have never been a big boxing fan and find the amount of money spent on watching the supposed entertainment of 2 men beating each other to a pulp a tad on the obscene side.

This fight is no different – this is my opinion.  It was only yesterday that I actually learnt about why there was this hype – a cage fighter squaring up against a “pure” boxer. This was explained to me by my one daughter, who I was surprised to hear would be following the fight.

For info – definition of the word fight. “Fight – verb – take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons. Noun – a violent confrontation or struggle”.  Isn’t there enough violence in this world without making it into entertainment.

Listening to the media the last few days, promoting this barbaric exercise, encouraging people to get up and come together and watch, with lots of money passing hands with the bookies.  Mr Mayweather is now retiring one extremely wealthy man.

People argue it is sport and that the participants have to train really hard to be physically fit enough to take on their opponent.  Regardless of how fit they may have to get, willingly wanting to beat up another human being in the name of sport, I find difficult to understand and come to terms with. I compare it to hunters who say they go out and shoot animals for sport and enjoyment, but you don’t need me to start on this sensitive issue.

I did get up early this morning, but not to watch 2 men beating each other up, but to witness a truly beautiful morning out on the road, and got this as a reward.  Have a wonderful Sunday – signing off as lover of life and detester of all things violent.

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