Why Lowestoft? I find myself asking!

This was the question in my mind whilst exploring this town this morning.  It is not the most picturesque places I have ever been too, but I suppose my being located quite close to the docks also doesn’t help. But it is just the name doesn’t sound like music to my ears – the town looks like the name sounds – just a little awkward.  I also try and tell myself not to judge a book by its cover and the people here might make up for what the town lacks, sadly I haven’t experienced that.  However to give them the benefit of the doubt, it is school holidays and the people I have encountered may not all be Lowestoftians, but in general, and I have to admit to generalizing as I have also met some lovely people here, but I have found the folk around just a little unpolished and at times quite uncouth. Trying hard not to sound like my late father who was well known for his intolerance of the masses, but I am finding out more and more I am my fathers daughter.

I am sure from a British perspective, this place is a perfect seaside holiday town.  The beaches are long and and have the ratio of 50/50 beachsand/stones.  I think for sailors it is a perfect little mecca with flattish water and nice fresh winds.  A regatta has been taking place the whole time I have been here and has helped alleviate the boredom of this town.  There is not much to do here so again I ask myself the question why Lowestoft? My answer – it was the closest little seaside town from Saxmundham and thought it would be a pleasant break before I started work in earnest this week – I can cross it off as a town I have visited but don’t think I will add it to my must do again list.  But I have also made it my mission to find some beauty every where I go.  Sunrises over the ocean in the morning are very pretty and I find the little 2 up houses with all their chimneys quite quaint.



One thought on “Why Lowestoft? I find myself asking!

  1. There is a lovely holiday park just 5mins form Lowestoft called Kessingland… I rented a 3 bedroom static caravan in April right on the beach.. Had lovely walks on the coastline…relaxed with wine on my own verandah watching the sun set every night, made me my own meals..slept and woke when I felt like it…had a pool to swim in and a restaurant and bar if I needed it.. Was Bliss…. And all for £30 a day…I was like you when I first arrived to do caring in the UK…but the longer you are here the more you will learn.. The best and cheapest places to stay.. Even in London (can’t beat the South Bank!)….best ways to get around..when to hire a car and just explore…give it time…knowledge is power!


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