I can cross start a blog off my to do list

Here I am sitting in the bustling lunch lounge of the Hotel Hatfield in Lowestoft, on my second glass of white wine, trying to deaden the sound of the mundane British summer holidaymakers conversations taking place around me with easy listening music on in my ears.  Don’t get me wrong, not because I am not interested in what they are saying, but just so I can concentrate is trying to set up the wordpress blog page.  I consider myself to be pretty technologically minded, but I have to admit that it van be challenging at times.  I keep on looking down at my laptop battery and kick myself for not having brought my charger with me, I am really comfortable and don’t want to have to lose this perfect table.

I have the perfect spot, behind the glass windows, which I saw this morning get cleaned every day, watching the bustling summer holiday crowd meandering down the esplanade in front of me, even though it is a really blustery day, with lots of white horses in the churned up very brown looking sea, nothing like the ocean back home, with waves crashing – this is just brown water lapping.  But to be kind, it is high tide and this morning on my run the water was a beautiful blue with no wind.  If it was a crystal clear day, I wonder if you could see the shores of Holland over the North Sea.  I read that where I am right now, is the most eastern point of the United Kingdom.  Just seen a Dart catamaran come sailing back into the shore, I saw them going out this morning at about 7am, so they have been out at sea all day.  I used to sail on a Dart catamaran, but that’s another story for another day.

Starting to feel a little uncomfortable, you know that feeling you get when someone is watching you, and you look up and make eye contact with someone who is intrigued by what you are doing.  Have to admit that I feel like an anomaly here.  Every where there are families and couples, all out for their Sunday afternoon “tea”.

A British term I am battling to come to terms with.  Tea is not dinner – it is tea!!!  Ah well might as well have another glass of wine, but the battery on my laptop is not going to play the game so going to sign off on my first every blog – who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks 🙂unnamed

This was when the sea was looking very inviting this morning – have found you can have 4 different seasons in one day here in the UK.

5 thoughts on “I can cross start a blog off my to do list

  1. A different world Cathy to what you and I grew up in! You, your Dad and I feel the same!! It’s great that you are thinking through each corner and experience to add to your amazing trips before – hang in there! What about some of your lovely sketches, doesn’t have to be one a day but one per stop! xxx


  2. cathy would love to follow you. my friend and I are on a similar journey in Scotland and writing a blog is on our list lol but appears way to complicated.


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